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I believe you arrived on this page for a reason

Listen to me:

There is a time right now on Earth that we have been shaken up.

We have just journeyed through a ‘dark night of the soul’ by being separated from each other in isolation.

Women are asking themselves big questions.

We realise that we are all here to play a role and walk our truth with heart and love.

We are being asked questions about our priorities, our intentions, our choices.

And we are being asked to step into our authenticity and our truth.

No more hiding.  No more staying small.  No more pretending.

And this can feel uncomfortable and scary.

It challenges us to look around our life and see what is no longer in alignment.

I know what this feels like, and I know exactly how to help you reclaim your power, your truth and your connection to your unique role your here to play.

I can’t wait to be with you.
Whether your a Christian, a Pagan, an Athiest or a Witch.
Whether you are a maiden, a mother, a maga or a crone.

It makes no difference to me.
Women are here to connect, share, laugh and cry together.
This holy ground is here for you to all land in safety, love, warmth and authenticity. You just need to show up.
The rest just unfolds as a magical pathway through a forest.  

My offerings to you include:


Womens Sabbat

Workshops &

Wildeness Solo Immersion


Erin Fowler

I have worked with her both in person and online via Zoom, and the inner transformation
has been profound.

I have been working with Artemis over the past 6 months and am so grateful for the deep, insightful and loving space she holds for clients. I have worked with her both in person and online via Zoom, and the inner transformation has been profound.
I am in my mid 30s and exploring some deeply vulnerable topics around the possibility of motherhood, numerous birth and parenting fears and breaking some long lasting patterns around doing and productivity vs creating the necessary space for this next stage in my life. I have felt so seen and held as I navigate these spaces, as well as given such clear and supportive tools to continue the work on my own at home. In addition, I have never experienced such powerful integration through the bodywork Artemis provides. I have done a lot of processing and session work with various practitioners, but the added time for such tender bodywork means you walk away from a session feeling truly integrated. For me, the bodywork is the missing piece, as it really allows you time and space to land new realisations, embody rest and nourishment and feel the power of the feminine through Artemis’s healing hands. I feel so lucky to have her support here in Adelaide, and wish this kind of work was available for all women!

Erin Fowler