Ceremonies involving purification, sweating and a small cave like structure have been used in every indigenous culture of the world for both healing and ritual purposes involving prayer, song and communication with Spirit.  That said, there is a distinction to be made with each cultures ceremonial approach and the term they call it.  From the celts in Europe, the indigenous in America and Australia, there is historical evidence for hundreds of years of this practice- and that this practice is inclusive of the world.


The Womb Lodge is the weaving together of my experience participating in the Lakota Sweat Lodge in India, the UK, the USA and Australia,  and my Celtic ancestry of sweat houses historically found in Wales, Ireland and Europe.  The ceremony is a weaving of the Celtic Women’s Wheel and the four directions, honoring our selves as women journeying through this feminine wheel connecting us to all things; our bodies, our Earth and each other.


As with all ceremonial structures, the Womb Lodge is a living sacred presence, a holy place, a reflection of all creation and should be respected as such.  She is a living sacred cave, or womb, where we come and experience healing, soul illumination and self empowerment, so we may re-member what we have forgotten.  She is a place to be connected to the earth, our heart, each other and spirit.  A place for prayer, song and release.  With her small entrance, she invites us in to open up to Life, but also encourages us to go out again and live in the great Mystery. And because of this, she offers us a very deep experience; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  A ‘whole’ or ‘holy’ experience.


There are many reasons to be called to participate in a Womb Lodge ceremony.  Maybe you are looking for a deeper connection to the Earth, our hearts or Spirit.  Maybe you want to immerse yourself in the greater whole of the world and feel the simplicity of your breath, and the coolness of the Earth.  Maybe you are feeling the need to connect in prayer, with song, with others in community, or you yearn for purification and heat, a primal place of source that calls you….  

What ever the calling, the Womb Lodge will take you to a humble place of openness, a place of rebirth where you may walk forward having participated in holy communion with the Great Mystery.


The ceremony involves entering the lodge either naked, or with bathers and a sarong to cover yourself, bowing our heads to the Earth as we enter.  We find our place in the circle of the lodge.   Four ‘rounds’, each with a different intention are facilitated.  At the beginning of each ‘round’, hot rocks (which are heated via a fire outside) are brought into the lodge and placed into the centre pit.  The door is closed creating a small dark womb-like space. Water is placed onto the rocks creating steam and a hot environment. This environment is conducive to clear intentions and prayer, that is of the deepest sincerity and authenticity.  We circle individually in prayer – for each of the  directions and each other, and journey deeper within ourselves with each ‘round’. We are then rebirthed into the cool night air around the fire as we exit the lodge, again bowing our heads to the Earth.


We will sing, pray, connect to the Earth and be reborn fresh on to the soil of our Great Mother.

No experience of a sweating purification ceremony is necessary.  This is a women’s only lodge.

Please bring a plate of vegan/ vegetarian food to share to feast after our ceremony.  Salad, soup, fritata etc or a desert that is not too sweet.  


It is recommended to fast from midday.


11 places available 


The $85 exchange for this ceremony means that the time and energy of both myself and our  Fire Keeper is respectfully acknowledged.