Free Gift Artemis with drum in forest

My gift to you...

Join me for a 38 min guided journey into the sacred portal of your womb to meet and heal your Inner Maiden!

Are you feeling disconnected or numb in your relationship to your womb space? Do you have a good relationship with your Inner Maiden?  Do you even know who she ? What was your first Menarche experience like? Were you seen and celebrated?

This is a chance to  chance to sink into the pelvic bowl, learn about its energetics, meet and clear past experiences and transform your relationship with your Inner Maiden.

Our relationship to our Inner Maiden and her first Menarche experience is cleared, healed and she is finally celebrated and seen in her power and beauty.  What happens to us at these potent right of passages sets the tone for the way we live, birth our babies and traverse menopause.

This journey will support you in healing the unseen Maiden, connect to your womb space and begin the process of deeper feminine embodiment.