Certifications and Skills

Since 2002 Artemis has been using sacred touch to support her clients. 

After decades, and seeing thousands of clients, she has crafted her own methodoligy of supporting women through times of change and transformation. She pulls on these crafts to reconnect women to their bodies and inner world.

Artemis is certified and draws on experience in Kahuna Bodywork, Shamanic Womancraft, Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Womb and Fertility Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care, Internal Pelvic Release Work, Embodied Processing (somatic therapy), Polarity Therapy and Cranio Sacral Therapy.

She also draws on her experience as a mother, sister, friend, woman and facilitator with her appointments.  

Her sessions draw on a range of skills which she tailors to support you to further connect with your body, your inner Life and grow in your capacity to move through what ever is challenging you.

Kahuna Bodywork (Lomi Ka’aleleau)|

In training with Master Trainer Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber (in lineage from Kahu Abraham Kawai’i),  from the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences, Artemis has been practising Kahuna Bodywork since 2002.

Kahuna Bodywork is a flowing and dynamic form of massage-like therapy. 

Performed to music, Kahuna Bodywork uses sensitivity, and the strokes flow with the path of least resistance to provide a space for clients to experience healing and well being for themselves. With the aid of posture, leverage and motion, the practitioner is able to perform the bodywork like a script or dance upon the client.

This allows space for them to expand their being and regain balance and awareness within themselves. The rhythmical application of these massage-like strokes, applied with chi energy, allows the clients body to reorganise itself energetically on a cellular level into a more contributing pattern —something that does not happen with therapeutic and remedial massage.

Kahuna Bodywork is extremely calming for the client and works like a dynamic re-patterning process on the body, mind and spirit that gives clients the opportunity to realign themselves and change old non-contributing patterns within their bodies. When embraced and treated as a whole, the body can reunite, align and establish balance and equanimity within itself.

Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy with
Womb and Fertility MassageTM

Both Mayan Abdominal Therapy, and Womb and Fertility MassageTM are two separate manual massage methods that work externally in a non-invasive way to support female abdominal, reproductive and pelvic health. They help internal organs to retain or regain their correct position in the abdominal cavity, restoring the flow of blood, nerve, lymph and chi. They involve work on the pelvic area and lower back which helps the sacrum and pelvis to sit in balance and harmony, and to function optimally in alignment with the front of the body and organs.

When we increase the nerve, blood, lymph and chi flow to the pelvic basin, we are able to restore balance to this area and the organs surrounding it. Toxins are flushed and nutrients that help tone tissue and balance hormones are restored to normal order.

This is essential for healthy functioning of both the digestive and reproductive systems.

Holistic Pelvic Care

Holistic Pelvic Care is a combination of internal bodywork (through the vagina) assesses, and then corrects pelvic imbalance and tension for women. This work is a sacred bodywork process that combines internal physical touch within the pelvic bowl (needed for myofascial trigger points), with the energetic component that supports emotional memory release and the restructuring of core memory lines within the pelvic cavity.

The technique was pioneered by US  physiotherapist and visionary Tami Lynn Kent based on extensive experience as a womens health physiotherapist. As she worked with clients in her practice she mapped a way for women to release and shift trauma, energy blocks and ancestral memory from their pelvic bowl, while also supporting the stabilisation and structure of this complex part of our bodies.

Internal Pelvic Release Work

In 2024 Artemis is completing a four month IPRW mentorship program with Fiona Hallinan, renouned midwife, nurse and bodyworker in Melbourne.

Internal Pelvic Release Work is a form of bodywork that connects us to the soft tissues of the pelvis or ‘the soft pelvis’ as opposed to the bony pelvis. During an internal pelvic release session, tension can be identified and invited to release with tender, direct contact touch allowing tissues to sigh. When tissues sigh, space is created. Through the back wall of the vagina, we can use tender touch and directed breathing to free tension in ligamnents, muscles, fascia and organs.

This work supports women pre and post birth, women who have experienced trauma, women who have scars, women who were told they ‘couldnt’ birth vaginally, women who have pain, women who are strugging with intercourse and intimacy. 

All women benefit from sacred internal touch and a space deeply held for processing and healing.  

Shamanic Womancraft

Artemis has completed the Four Seasons Journey, and has further apprenticed with the School of Shamanic Womancraft over multiple years since 2017.

She draws on her experience with this work for her workshops and immersions as well as her 1:1 sessions.

“The School has developed the modality of ‘Shamanic Womancraft,’ a method of intentional engagement with a woman’s transformative life journey, using the shamanic perspective’s vision, tools, and skills. It recognizes the interconnectedness of all things and provides a guiding map to access inner and outer worlds for growth, healing, love, and peace.”

Embodied Processing

Embodied Processing is the bottom-up approach to working with trauma, low self esteem, anxiety, addiction, depression and a myriad of other stress related issues.

EP is a trauma healing modality that is grounded in both the latest neuroscience as well as the ancient healing traditions. The process helps us to draw on your body’s  innate intelligence to discharge stress, heal, and return to homeostasis. By guiding you to meet yourself at the root, exactly as we are; transformation happens on its own. 

When we begin to safely bring attention down into your body and support you to meet the parts of of yourself which we have innocently repressed or suppressed, your window of tolerance will grow, and overtime you will develop the ability to meet more dense and intense levels of sensation without falling into overwhelm.

As you learn to meet yourself with unconditional love and acceptance, your past will begin to metabolise and you will naturally begin to live a more present and embodied life.

This is the work of the Feminine.

To work with the body, on a somatic level, and continue to connect you with you innermost Truth.This work is gentle, profound and blends beautifully with bodywork to support you in repatterning the neural pathways of your brain for transformation.

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Focussing on Cranoial Sacral therapy, Myofasical Release and Polarity Therapy, the dipoma that Artemis has supports her work connecting women with their bodies on energetic levels.

Using techniques that drop nervous system activation and support vagus nerve toning, blended in with the tool box of modalities which Artemis uses, she connects women with their bodies supporting the neural pathway formations that occur when using somatic therapy and Embodied Processing as a precurser to bodywork.  

Moon Mother

Initiated by Miranda Grey in 2018, Artemis also has the gift of offering Womb Blessings and Womb Healings to women during sessions. A Moon Mother is a woman who has been called in her heart to help women to awaken to their authentic femininity and to heal the hurt and patterns created by modern life so that all women can live as the empowered, sensual, sexual, creative and spiritual beings that lies within them.

I am here in service to the women, the land and our Great Mother.