About Artemis

The divine grace has passed through me to many thousands of bodies.
In an unraveling of sacred touch meeting holy ground.
The body.

I met the spirit of the Divine Mother back in 2001 while in India living in the Himalayas. Her omnipotent presence captivating my heart and my path in Life. She blew me open.

I dived into the abyss of the underworld as my being was incrementally taken apart cell by cell, day by day.

My commitment, and her crafting of my being, began this devotional life of service to that which is greater than me. She. The Great Mother.
The Feminine creative force of this Life.

I dived and swam in her murky dark underworld for a good twelve months. Trying ever so hard to integrate and live a life of normality over this time in  London. With no knowledge of this dark abyss, I leant on prayer, meditation, intention and trust – to be reborn anew and walking with the Grace from then on.

And so it became, a path of service in bodywork.  Bodywork which I learnt had held me through this unraveling, this rite of passage, this ‘death’ and ‘rebirth’ , became the tool upon which I provided sacred space for women to also find that sacred space, that sacred holy ground where one can be met when unapologetically raw, open and vulnerable, in the sanctity of a womb temple.

And so this divine grace has passed through me to many thousands of bodies. In an unraveling of sacred touch meeting holy ground. The body.

And this has carved its way through the teachings and thresholds of many talented crafts teachers of Kahuna Bodywork, Shamanic Womancraft, Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Womb Healing, Holistic Pelvic Care, Remedial Massage, Myofascial Release, Somatic Embodied Processing…..  

And through the teachings of my own life – the many dozens of countries I travelled too, the starting of my own business, the birth of my daughter in 2013, the life journey of Maiden and Mother, and now sitting on the threshold of Maga with my body changing in her perimenopausal ways…. 

Through illness and healing, through loss and grief, through bearing witness to those who have sat in front of me, and woven their stories through my present heart and listening ears….

Through it all – and with a passionate heart and unwavering commitment I am in service to the Feminine in all her mysteries ways. Through the bodywork and 1:1 offerings, through community with workshops and womens circles, and through our relationship to country, our Mother Earth.

Connecting us to her rhythms and her fecund soil and land with Wilderness Solo’s and the Womb Lodge. I am here in service to the women, the land and our Great Mother.

Artemis giving massage