Welcome dear one,

Come. Come and join me.

Hear my call. Come and take a seat .  

May this be a place of re-membering, and place of re-claiming.

A place of landing. 

A place of sovereign power. 

Breath out. Let out a sigh. Know you have arrived in deep safety and with an open embrace.

Your feminine embodiment is an arrival home.

I am a guide to the depths of your wild feminine terrain.I am a woman, a mother, a hearth keeper, a priestess, holding sacred liminal space for you and your body to experience a gentle safe unraveling….

For you to journey within to reclaim your power, your sovereignty, your wisdom.

For you to truly feel what is held within the sacred depth of your body and being.

I am a midwife to your journey of transformation, holding and guiding you while you reclaim your lost and abandoned soul parts that are awaiting for your love and rememberence.

I work with women from womb to tomb connecting them to their inner wild terrain, their cyclic bodies and our great Mother Earth.

Free Gift Artemis with drum in forest

Join me for a 38 min guided journey into the sacred portal of your womb to meet and
heal your Inner Maiden!

Are you feeling disconnected or numb in your relationship to your womb space? Do you have a good relationship with your Inner Maiden? Do you even know who she is? What was your first Menarche experience like? Were you seen and celebrated?

This is a chance to sink into the pelvic bowl, learn about its energetics, meet and clear past experiences and transform your relationship with your Inner Maiden. Our relationship to our Inner Maiden and her first Menarche experience is cleared, healed and she is finally celebrated and seen in her power and beauty. What happens to us at these potent rites of passages sets the tone for the way we live, birth our babies and traverse menopause.

This journey will support you in healing the unseen Maiden, connect to your womb space and begin the process of deeper feminine embodiment. Sign up below. 

Thousands of years ago, my ancestors were the wild women, the priestesses. The ones who understood the cycles of Life, the way rhythms worked –  the ebbing and the flowing – and they were the bonfire dancers, the witches, the earthkeepers.

And in these ancient times, they would have bled on the Earth, connected to the trees, and bathed in the rivers. They were fully connected to our Great Mother, the Divine Feminine and the natural forces that breathed through the various seasons and times they walked upon the Earth.

Artemis on beach praying

And then around 300BC, and for another 1500 years, the great hunt began.   Tribes moved down from Russia into Europe and the Middle East and killed, tortured, raped and shamed  my ancestors for their Wildness, their Power and their Wisdom.  The witch hunts were real, and these women were killed for their embodied awareness of the feminine, their sexuality, their passion, their knowledge and their power.

It has been said: “Mesolithic society may have seen the domestication of animals, and Neolithic may have seen the domestication of plants, but what the age after the Neolithic sees, is the domestication of women, by men”. (William Irwen Thomson)

Women learnt over hundreds of years that to stay safe, they had to stay small! They had to hide their blood, quieten their desires and give their power away. Menstruation, sexuality, masturbation…. Whatever gave a woman power, was shamed and hidden. Stay small, stay safe, stay quiet. 

No more bon-fire dancing, drumming, singing or herbal brewing…. No more celebrating the turning of the moon cycle, the sabbats or our our connection to the Earth.

And over time, the choking grip that was tightened upon the women slowly loosened so women could sing and dance again, and we began to celebrate our blood, be powerhouses in the family, and reclaim our roles as leaders…

Each generation has made an effort to make the change they wish to see in the world. 

And now I am creating my ripple in the world.

Supporting you to reach out, re-claim, embody, and
rise up in all of your Power.

And this wild passion of mine has birthed many offerings to support you in Re-membering your true essence, embodying your power and walking forward in Life deeply connected to your body, your sisters in community, and our Great Mother Earth.

I am bringing back the traditions of my ancestors and creating spaces for us to sing, dance, celebrate our blood, own the drum and dive deep into Sisterhood.

Artemis Hands Triangle in water

My offerings to you include:

Sacred Bodywork 1:1

During a Sacred Bodywork 1:1 we begin to unravel and reweave the threads that have been holding together the being that you are now. 

Sacred Yoni 1:1

During a Sacred Yoni 1:1 we begin where you are at. Our intention is for you to be more acquainted with, and connected with your pelvic bowl and womb space. 

Zoom Session
Sacred Zoom 1:1

Clients sometimes feel the need for more regular connection sessions inbetween in-person appointments, especially when working on an ongoing issue or concern. 

Wildeness Solo Immersion
Residential Immersions

This is an invitation to say “Yes” to a path that will carry you across this threshold. Yes, to digging deeper.  Yes, to opening further. Yes, to surrendering even more.  Yes to trusting the unknown… 

Women’s Circles

Magic happens when women gather and sit in circle together. We are witnessed, and we witness, as we hear the words of ourselves and our sisters, and receive deep wisdom reflected back to us.

Workshops & Ceremonies

A chance for longer, deeper experiences. Come, and sink in to the Feminine, and feel your way back to your Self. Sitting with women in ceremony, in circle and in workshop space, we dive in for sacred rememberence.

It’s as if my entire soul & physical body is receiving the attention and nurture it has always sought.

Artemis’s teaching and space holding has been a pivotal anchor in my journey. I begun 1:1 sessions with Artemis about 1 year ago, since then I’ve had her presence with me during the descent into the Feminine work, the journey in coming back to self, to the planet & trusting the energy that moves within us.

Before working with Artemis I had been involved in some online group containers with a similar theme of this work…but really, nothing beats having a personalised safe private holding.

I was ridged, anxious, scared and had knowledge of what the work was which was not embodied. I knew things/facts but I was not living it.

Previously before seeing Artemis I had uncovered painful childhood memories, I didn’t how to hold or process these. Talk therapy wasn’t enough. I needed safety in feeling this from a Feminine being. Artemis gently guides the process into a deep unraveling. Every single session has been profound. Safe. Loving. Nurturing. Impactful. Life changing.

She speaks and teaches from her soul. She brings us into deep integration with her body work, where she massages with her whole heart. No one has ever held space for me like Artemis has.

It’s as if my entire soul & physical body is receiving the attention and nurture it has always sought. Artemis’ energy radiates and impacts with a grounded tender Motherly presence. 

Because of Artemis’s teachings in 1:1 sessions, the drum making course and women’s circles, I am a far more embodied Woman. I have tools and skills and have a larger capacity to be with feeling in the presence of sensation. I am now a Woman who seeks and desires feminine community, rather than isolating myself and am on a path of teaching this work myself, inspired by Artemis.

Phoebe Taylor

Moon Lodge at night